Les Jetées, Huningue

Logements, hôtel, bureaux et commerces

DREAM, Nicolas Laisné Architectes, Pietri Architectes and Triptyque architecture studios won the international competition for the re-development of the Rhin banks located in Huningue, part of the urban area of Basel. DREAM and Nicolas Laisné Architectes will carry out an innovative office building of 5,000 sqm. and a 17 storrey housing tower.

Beared by the real-estate developper Constructa, the winner team proposes a strong architectural and urban project to re-new this cross-border land through a major new fluvial district called Les Jetées and beloning to the 3Land project. In 2012, the cities of Basel (Switzerland), Huningue (France) and Weil-am-Rhein (Germany) with respectively 7,000, 30,000 and 165,000 inhabitants signed a common urban planning agreement with the aim of creating a true cross-bording area. In this contexte, the 3Land project plans to create a new housing, leasure activities and tourisme pole for the city of Huningue, with the banks site as an anchor point.

Facing the 3 borders, Les Jetées represents a unique chance for the city of Huningue: the opening of its city center on the river and the strengthening of its influence within the urban area of Basel. Aware of this oppotunity, DREAM, Nicolas Laisné Architectes, Pietri Architectes et Triptyque architects have supported an ambitious project in the international competition by developping a privileged place closer to the Rhin where one could find numerous shops, offices, leasure spaces and condominiums with outstanding views.


Client Constructa
Architects DREAM, Nicolas Laisné, Pietri Architectes, Triptyque
Team DREAM Claire Parrotin
Landscape architect Land'Act
Urban strategy CITY Linked
Programme  SINEXCO, DTZ, Shaftesbury Asset Management 
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Location Huningue, France
Surface Les Jetées 30 732 sqm | Surface DREAM's project 10 200 sqm
Sustainability HQE | BBCA | BEPOS | LEED | WELL
Status Ongoing